Acrylic Lecterns and Podiums

When it comes to cutting-edge design and aesthetic appeal, you simply can’t go wrong with one of our acrylic lecterns and podiums. Unlike the heavy, cumbersome lecterns of old, an acrylic choice helps to convey light and contemporary design, without compromising the ability to enhance the reputation of the speaker. Acrylic lecterns are at the forefront of modern design and are available in a variety of forms that are suitable for every need.

Our stylish transparent acrylic lecterns enhance the speaker's stage presence and come in several styles and sizes. Each model has a generous reading surface and several of the models we offer have unique features such as shelves and aluminum framing. Acrylic podiums and lecterns are sometimes called plexiglass lecterns, clear lecterns, and glass lecterns (even though they are all made of acrylic). 

Acrylic Lecterns

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Contemporary Curved Style Acrylic Lectern / Podium - #471

Where are acrylic lecterns and podiums used?

Educational Purposes - There are a variety of educational situations where an acrylic lectern can be used to great effect. From providing authority to the chair of the PTA meeting to delivering a commencement address, the choice of an acrylic lectern honors the traditions of an educational establishment while presenting a contemporary image.

Social Activity - An acrylic podium helps to increase the overall presentation for a number of social and group activities, such as leading political meetings, delivering speeches to a homeowner’s association, art shows, and even presenting awards in recognition of achievements. As the lectern is acrylic, it can easily be moved between each of these uses, making such a choice a wise financial investment.

Religious Use - Delivering sermons, speeches, holding meetings, and events leading a Bible class-- acrylic lecterns and podiums are easily used for a number of religious gatherings. The light, clean design helps to ensure that attention is not distracted from the speaker, and the ease of maneuverability means that the lectern can be used in a variety of different spaces.

Businesses Conferences- Guarantee attention during business meetings and provide the perfect platform for a keynote speaker at a business conference; there’s no doubt our acrylic lecterns and podiums can do it all. You can even take your acrylic lectern with you when you visit trade shows and conferences, helping to draw attention and exude a professional aesthetic even when you’re away from the office.

We have a wide variety of acrylic lecterns and podiums for sale, so you won’t struggle to find the perfect design for your purpose. Our acrylic lecterns encompass shelving for extra convenience, aluminum framing for stability, and -- of course -- that desirable see-through acrylic material. We offer main stands that are curved for added elegance, or simple geometric shapes that allow for maximum ease of use and aesthetic impact.

So you can obtain what you need for the perfect speech in one simple shop, our acrylic lecterns are also available along with the requisite sound equipment required for usage. All you need is the speech, which you can rest on the easy-to-use seethrough reading surface, and your lectern is ready to use as you command the attention of your chosen audience. If you then need to move your lectern and equipment to another area, that’s easy too-- the lightweight material makes for an ease of transportation without cumbersome wheels.

Whatever event (or events!) you need an acrylic lectern for, we’re that our models will be able to meet and exceed your expectations every time.

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