Acrylic Lecterns and Podiums

When it comes to cutting-edge design and aesthetic appeal, you simply can’t go wrong with one of our acrylic lecterns and podiums. Unlike the heavy, cumbersome lecterns of old, an acrylic choice helps to convey light and contemporary design, without compromising the ability to enhance the reputation of the speaker. Acrylic lecterns are at the forefront of modern design and are available in a variety of forms that are suitable for every need.

Our stylish transparent acrylic lecterns enhance the speaker's stage presence and come in several styles and sizes. Each model has a generous reading surface and several of the models we offer have unique features such as shelves and aluminum framing. Acrylic podiums and lecterns are sometimes called plexiglass lecterns, clear lecterns, and glass lecterns (even though they are all made of acrylic). 

Acrylic Lecterns

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Contemporary Clear Acrylic Lectern / Podium With Shelf
Contemporary Curved Style Acrylic Lectern / Podium - #471

Where are acrylic lecterns and podiums used?

  • Educational Purposes
  • Social Activity
  • Religious Use
  • Businesses Conferences

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