Education & Public Speaking

Posted by The Lecterns & Podiums Team on 1/3/2019 to General Educational Articles
Education & Public Speaking

Teaching isn’t limited to religious studies. It may cover a whole host of subjects and ideas. Given that this is a form of public speaking, lecterns have made a regular appearance throughout the ages. The concept of teaching children at school dates back to the middle of the last millennium. While the presence of podiums and lecterns was far from universal, they were used.   

Listening to a Lecture

Throughout the centuries, the DNA of a classroom has changed. Still, assemblies and lectures have been used for teachings. From kids to mature students, this has been evident for generations. Not least in university learning throughout the western world.   

Education is and has been, a key part of business too. The concept of public lectures has evolved over the generations. Back in the days before technology, company owners would often address employees all at once. In many situations, especially when reading a prepared speech, lecterns would be a very useful addition.

Confident Public Speaking  

The benefits of lecterns extend to the idea of hiding shyness. Aside from offering a chance to prepare notes or speeches, it encourages the speaker to avoid walking around the stage. Furthermore, foot movement and other bad habits can be blocked from the audience’s attention.   

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