It's a Modern World!

Posted by The Lecterns & Podiums Team on 1/3/2019 to Contemporary Lecterns
It's a Modern World!

Lecterns In The 21st Century

In truth, the fundamental features of lecterns and podiums have changed very little over the course of history. The type of people seen using them may have evolved, not least in the modern age of celebrity and advanced business networking. Still, they very much remain a resource used to help those addressing the masses in both public and private environments. Moreover, they continue to offer great function in class lectures, show business, politics, and religion.

Contemporary Lecterns

Modern lecterns may carry a modern flavor, but people have used platforms to aid public speaking for centuries. The long and rich history of podiums and lecterns is a fascinating one that touches the realms of politics as well as cultural and social events. Despite being a seemingly humble piece of equipment, its impact on the world has been nothing short of remarkable.

Contemporary lecterns can look vastly different from those of previous generations. Acrylic lecterns and other modern materials offer an entirely new look. Meanwhile, even wood lecterns and podiums using natural materials boast far greater style. This is especially noticeable when they utilize adjustable heights and professional engraving. Essentially, the versatility of size, color, and material puts the individual in greater control.   

Built-in Modern Conveniences

Aside from the esthetical upgrades, modern-day lecterns can boast electrical speaker systems. With the use of wi-fi systems and other advanced techs, the 21st-century is now miles ahead of those from previous generations. In many cases, they host computer screens so that the user can see what is being shown to audiences on the screen behind without turning away.

The Design Of Lecterns  

Lecterns come in various shapes and sizes. This is especially true when contrasting the materials used in different areas through the centuries. However, the designs benefit both speaker and listener.   

The slanted surfaces remove distractions for the audience. But speakers can also use the lecterns for promotion. After all, the big space in front can carry the logo of religion, business, or cause. Meanwhile, being stood up aids posture throughout the talks while encouraging a greater sense of confidence.

Podiums, however, are perhaps simpler but are good for off-the-cuff speeches. Likewise, speakers that want to use a stage or interact with individuals may take this alternative. For professional, authoritative talks, the lectern has been the winner for centuries.

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