Lecterns in The Court of Law

Posted by The Lecterns & Podiums Team on 1/3/2019 to General Educational Articles
Lecterns in The Court of Law

One of the main purposes for lecterns is that they establish authority and keep the attention where it should be. Courtrooms are among the most important venues to ensure this happens. As such, lecterns have been used for centuries in law, as has already been mentioned through the public executions of ancient times. 

State Your Case

Judges have used lecterns throughout the history of legal matters as we know them. Likewise, lecterns are often used by people taking the oath, especially when reading statements and other keynotes. This is true in most western countries and has been for centuries. 

Changing the Law on Lecterns

In fitting with the design aspects of most courtrooms, the history of this arena shows wood to be the most common material. However, plastics and acrylics have been known to be incorporated in the courtroom too. Ultimately, though, lecterns are used to maintain good law and order during those legal matters. 

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