Lessons in Politics

Posted by The Lecterns & Podiums Team on 1/3/2019 to General Educational Articles
Lessons in Politics
The most iconic idea of a lectern often come from the world of politics. The U.S presidential lectern is probably the most recognizable. While the design has evolved over the decades, the big lectern depicting the famous badge is known by everyone.

Political & Presidential Podiums

In truth, some of the most famous presidential images involve them standing by the lectern surrounded by the stars and stripes. Whether those public declarations are made in infamous halls or outside the white house, the lectern is always a key part of the picture. This is something that unites all 45 presidents, from George Washington to Donald Trump.

War Speeches

Politicians across the globe use lecterns too. Some of the most significant images of the 20th century involve figures from both sides during WW2. Whether it’s Sir Winston Churchill’s famous war cries or Adolf Hitler’s public addressing of German crowds, lecterns are always there. Meanwhile, leaders from around the globe use them too.

Political Debate

Many political debates have embraced the use of lecterns too. It can be argued that their regularity increased throughout the 20th century partly due to television coverage. However, they date back long before the invention and popularization of TV. At its core, the political lectern establishes trust and authority with the live audience. Learn more about Lecterns in Politics here.

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