Portable Lecterns

A portable lectern is a light and easily transportable platform designed to hold a speaker’s notes while they give a presentation. Technically speaking, almost all lecterns are portable to a degree and generally light enough to be moved without a tremendous amount of effort. However, not all lecterns are designed to collapse, fold, or otherwise permit one to transform them into an exceptionally light and easy to carry object. There are in fact several styles of portable lecterns ranging from the simple ‘music stand’ variety all the way to portable lecterns with microphone and speaker and other advanced options.

The basic style of portable lectern is a simple and efficient x-stand variety. These portable lecterns are found often in classrooms, offices with modest presentation needs, small churches or congregations gathering in a temporary facility, or any other facility where presentations are infrequent but recurrent or there is limited space. This particular lectern is well suited for such events for a number of reasons. First and foremost are need and cost. In small and casual environments the lectern need only serve its most basic function. Unlike the spectacular presentations staged or sponsored by some large companies, these lecterns do not need to project a particular image or style, it need only be a lectern that works and is easy to carry and put away. Environments such as a classroom or a multi-purpose room of a particular facility do not have a need for lecterns some or even most of the time –another reason for the x-stand style’s popularity.

These x-stand styles of portable lectern usually have an aluminum or steel stand and base with a platform of laminated wood. The platform will usually tilt with a range of 50 to 20 degrees and the stand is more often than not adjustable so as to accommodate a range of different heights. While these features almost go without mention in most such lecterns, they are in fact crucial since a lectern of inappropriate height has the potential to turn elements of any presentation comic. X-stand style portable lecterns are among the lightest of light lecterns, weighing in on average from 16 to 18 pounds. For this reason some traveling professionals use the x-stand portable lectern exclusively.

Another style of portable lectern is the tabletop portable lectern. This is another lectern model exceptionally popular with not only universities and classrooms, but the traveling professional as well. As the name suggests, the tabletop portable lectern is a lectern with no base or stand; using instead any handy table or desk. Unlike ‘non-portable’ table top lecterns this portable lectern uses hinged panels that fold in and out for quick set up and tear down. Many portable lecterns for the tabletop provide space on the front for a seal or logo should one wish. Finally, the table performing as stand and base also provides the presenter with a handy shelf obscured from audience view –a natural and accessible place for extra material or water.

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