Printed Sticker Logo for Urbann Lecterns
Printed Sticker Logo for Urbann Lecterns - Mockup

Printed Sticker Logo for Urbann Lecterns

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A personalized logo for your lectern can make a great impact on your confidence and your audience. Using this option, you can order a computerized full color printed logo sticker for your lectern. This logo is a self-adhesive vinyl sticker that is cut to shape to be used as your personalized logo in any event on the lectern’s front. You are expected to submit an Adobe Illustrator file or EPS file for the logo graphic. An approval of the graphic mockup of the logo will be required before production of the actual logo.

Approval of the logo mockup
More Information for the SIG A logo sticker - If purchased a mockup draft rendering will be provided for the customer to review and approve. The mock-up design is provided once the logo sticker is purchased.

  • Specifications:
    • Unit Weight: 0.2 lbs (0.1 kg)
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