Professional Metal Lecterns

Posted by The Lecterns & Podiums Team on 1/11/2019 to Product Articles
Professional Metal Lecterns

Where are metal lecterns and podiums used?

  • Business conferences and meetings. Choosing a metal lectern is the perfect way for a business to show their focus on the contemporary, as they eschew the traditional wood lectern in favor of a more up-to-date choice. The sleek designs help to convey a business focus without distracting attention in a variety of business situations while the sleek design of our lecterns helps to foster an image of steadfastness and security-- qualities that all businesses will want to be associated with.

  • Religious meetings and services. Draw attention to the speaker during services, sermons, and readings with a metal lectern that helps to reflect the light, airy space of religious buildings. The clean, fuss-free design is the perfect alternative to standard wooden options, helping to present a modern image for modern worshipers. 

  • Classrooms and school presentations. Use a metal lectern to evoke a forward-focused approach to education, and enjoy the benefits of a sturdy, reusable piece that will last for years. The slanted reading platforms of our lecterns ensure all material can be accessed quickly and efficiently, assisting the speaker with rigorous control of the room.

  • Award shows and other events. Give your event or award show a touch of class with a metal podium that brings attention to the speaker and stands strong and sophisticated in the center of the stage.

Metal lecterns and podiums provide a sleek, modern look that is both elegant and state of the art.  Most models will use aluminum or a combination of aluminum and wood, depending on the style.  Due to their material and rugged construction, metal podiums are very well built, sturdy, and made to last for years.

Lecterns are able to gain, and retain, an audience’s attention no matter what the setting. Our metal lecterns are the perfect choice for business people with one eye on 21st-century style, as well as for more social gatherings, award shows, and even to assist with religious services. With the choice of color finishes and the same guarantee of quality across all models, we know our metal lecterns and podiums will meet every possible need.

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