Returns & Warranties

Returns & Warranties

Returning an item because it was not to your liking - We are unable to return most products that are in good condition (free of manufacturing defects) simply because you changed your mind or because it wasn't what you wanted. Only the manufacturer's warranty for product defects applies to these products. This includes any custom made products or products made to order, for example when you specify a color or stain that is custom ordered and therefore non-returnable. Other products can be returned with a 30% restocking fee if it is within 30 days of purchase. Please contact us if you would like to inquire about a particular product's return policy.

Returning a Product Under the Manufacturer's Warranty - Most products have at least a standard one year warranty, while others have warranties of longer durations and conditions (please contact us if you are unsure of the warranty your product falls under). If anything goes wrong with your product due to a manufacturer's defect and within the time period outlined by the product's warranty, we will gladly replace the product or product part free of charge, a refund cannot be issued. In order to verify a manufacturer's defect you will have to ship it back to our warehouse first (after your sales rep gives you an RMA number- see Making a Claim or Return section) and then a replacement will be sent. In some cases, a digital photo of the damage will do so please contact your sales rep first. This applies to all products, with these exceptions:

  • Art (Engravings, and digital prints, posters, graphics, etc) - Once e-mail or physical proofs are approved the sale is considered final and engraved pieces or printed graphics cannot be returned, nor can a refund be given under any circumstance, unless the problem falls under our fading warranty. Please note as with all other warranties, engravings and graphics cannot be returned simply because they were misused by the customer.

Making A Claim Or Return

Should you have a problem with a Lecterns & Podiums product, first contact our office or your sales representative. The problem may require only a simple fix that we can help you with over the phone. If the product needs to be returned or replaced, please adhere to the following procedure:

  1. Contact our customer service department or your sales contact immediately.
  2. Explain the problem and be sure to state the product name, size and color, as well as your full name (or company name) and full address.
  3. You will receive an RMA number to be inscribed on the outside of the package, in order to process the return correctly.
  4. Attach the returns note to the outer carton of the product with transparent packing tape (such as scotch tape) so that the details are visible.
  5. We will arrange for collection from the location of the product, when the product is being returned under the warranty.

The returns note helps us to identify the returned product, and deal with it in a quick and efficient manner. Failure to apply the returns note may result in credit problems further down the road.

Returned item: Upon receipt of the item in question, we will 100% inspect the product. If this issue is covered by the guarantee such a failure in parts or a manufacturing defect, we will notify you. We will use this report to improve our product and make every effort to ensure that this does not happen again. Please note: If upon return of the product we determine the damage to the product has been done by misuse or neglect we will contact you to discuss this. When the returned item shows very obvious signs of mistreatment or misuse, Lecterns & Podiums will charge your account for the replacement. At all times this action will be discussed with you prior to the charge being made. Lecterns & Podiums reserves the right to the final decision regarding all replacements and charges for replacements.

Making A Claim Against Damage Through Shipping

It is your responsibility to inform Lecterns & Podiums and the shipping carrier of any damage done to the carton or product during the shipping process from Lecterns & Podiums to you within 3 business days after receipt. When signing for the shipment, please make sure to check off any damages seen on the box or carton as this will aid in the claim you will have to make with the shipping provider. As with most e-commerce companies, any claims made against shipping will have to be taken up with the shipping provider (UPS, FEDEX, or Freight) as we are not responsible for the damage. When needed, Lecterns & Podiums will send you out a replacement product as soon as possible from notification of the damage, and the cost will be billable to you the client. This bill should be sent to the shipping provider when making your claim so that you may be reimbursed by them through the claim. Lecterns & Podiums will also assist you in providing any additional information you need in order to put the claim through to the shipping provider.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact our customer service department or your sales representative at 1-800-450-4582 or

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