Sound Lecterns and Podiums

Our sound lecterns and podiums offer the ability to transmit a speaker's communication via a microphone and amplifier that can connect into a speaker system.  We offer the latest in state-of-the-art sound capability with our lecterns. Our large selection of lecterns below offer sound capability - wired or wireless, we've got a solution for your every need. Take note of the high powered sound systems that come with our models below and the specifications they offer.

Sound Lecterns

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Orator Lectern / Podium, Standard Height - #800x
Power Plus Lectern / Podium - #111PLS
Aristocrat Lectern / Podium - #6010
Wood Veneer Lectern / Podium - #950/901
The Presidential Evolution is a complete stand-alone presentation center. This amazing lectern delivers it all by combining top of the line components and packaging them in an exciting combination of beauty, functionality, and innovation. A rechargeable amplifier specifically designed for our Presidential Evolution provides total portability for this lectern. The only exposed wire is the plug waiting to be docked to an .mp3 player. You can clearly hear the difference these high end components deliver - clear, powerful sound that will fill your venue with an unparalleled clarity. You can give presentations with confidence knowing that your Presidential Evolution package delivers the finest audio in the market.
The Collegiate Evolution Lectern is a stand-alone presentation center with a whopping 100 watt amplifier, and can deliver your message to up to 5,000 people! This self contained unit requires no external power supply and is ideal for all sorts of applications. Nicely packaged in beautiful solid cherry hardwoods and cherry veneer, the Collegiate Evolution was designed and constructed for years of quality service. Not only is the Collegiate Evolution stunning in appearance, it contains the highest quality sound of any lectern on the market - thanks to its superior sound components. This lectern stands equally attractive in any number of settings due to conventional yet natural design, and the beautiful characteristic of cherry wood. This podium can easily be moved from venue to venue on its own included casters (two of which lock) and can be presentation-ready in seconds, as there are no wires to connect. Everything remains connected within the podium and ready for use. Simply keep it charged and the Collegiate Evolution is ready to perform. Charging is simple, and a single charge will last for more than 3 months when not in use. Slick yet natural, the Collegiate Evolution makes for an excellent lectern when you’ve got to be heard!
Counselor Evolution Lectern With Sound
Presidential Evolution Lift Podium (Height Adjusting) With Sound
Prestige Floor Lectern With Sound

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