Thinking of Adding a Custom Engraving to your Lectern?

Posted by Ashley Melidosian on 11/13/2018 to General Educational Articles
Thinking of Adding a Custom Engraving to your Lectern?
An engraving constitutes words, pictures or logos, that are cut into the surface of a lectern's wood or another material (such as a plaque that will go on the lectern), using a tool or machine. It may or may not have ink or stain applied to it, to present a contrasting color or look compared to the surface from which it was cut from. Many schools, companies, and government organizations add engravings to their lecterns in order to emphasize their style and promote their brand. Adding this feature doesn’t have to be expensive and brings your lectern to the next level professionally. 

We have a full range of podium styles appropriate for every occasion here. Also, see a short preview of lecterns at the bottom of this article.

Why add a custom engraving?

engraving-on-plaque-lecternBy adding your own personal message, logo or emblem directly on your lectern, your company will never miss the chance to be recognized during speaker photo opportunities, and interviews. After all, your company likely went through loads of work and effort to make sure your event hall was set up perfectly and your speaker was well suited to your company message.

Why not capitalize on the work performed by making sure your brand is featured in any historical shots with the speaker? If not, you could end up with a lot of exposure without being identified properly! Adding your name directly below your featured speaker also ensures that any photo taken by outside media will properly identify you by default.

Which engraving is right for my podium?

Depending on the type of podium you have, there are a number of methods to add an engraving or custom message.

Direct Engraving or Engraving on Plaques

If your podium is solid wood, a custom engraving can be added directly or applied to a plaque and later adhered to your podium. Both of these methods are fairly simple and the choice typically comes down to your style preference and the space available on your podium to engrave. The most common type of engraving is done via laser which allows for a clean and professional cut and style.

direct engraving on wood lecternDirect Engraving - An advantage of adding a direct engraving is that you aren’t limited to one particular size or shape. In other words, if the space is available on your podium, you can engrave it! However, the disadvantage of a direct engraving is that changing your logo, look, or message can be challenging and expensive and may not even be possible down the line.

Engraving on a Plaque - Engraving on a plaque can add some versatility to your podium. This option allows you to change your company branding or logo down the line in a more cost-effective way (by simply replacing your current plaque with another). In this case, your lectern manufacturer can use a wood similarly stained to match your podium and apply it directly on the podium once engraved for you.

Interchangeable Plaques - Some companies even go the extra mile and order two or more plaques with custom engravings for their podium. Rather than permanently affix their plaques to the podium with nails, they apply rare earth magnets to the back side of the podium and attach the plaque of their choice, depending on the event or speaker, using the other side of the magnets.

This is particularly helpful if your event center or event hall represents two distinct departments or groups of individuals (such as an undergraduate and graduate school). Speak to your lectern manufacturer if you are interested in this option at the time of your order and contact if you need help getting an estimate for this feature.

Applied Printed Logo

applied logo on lectern or podiumIn some cases where an engraving is preferred but the option to engrave isn’t available, you can consider printing your message and logo on high-quality Sintra or plexiglass.

This option works well for two scenarios: the first is for wood laminates which wouldn’t otherwise be able to accept any type of wood puncturing without damage to the product, the second is for acrylic podiums which are too delicate for a direct engraving.

There are several additional advantages to using an applied printed logo, such as the ability to add a more detailed message (a laser-cut logo has to be simple to look professional), and the cost for a direct print is usually half the cost of an engraving. You can also add color more easily to a direct print which isn’t as simple with a laser cut engraving and usually requires paint. For a quote on a direct print logo, contact

Want More and Next Steps?

Now that you have a better understanding of engraving options, the next step is to find a lectern that suits your brand’s look and engraving requirements. If you have a logo and want advice on the type of lectern and customization to use, feel free to upload your logo here, and one of our professionals will review and offer some advice. Still looking for other options to customize your podium? Don’t hesitate to contact us at for help.

Have other ideas for customizing your podium. Feel free to add them to the comments below!

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