Time to Take The Stage

Posted by The Lecterns & Podiums Team on 1/3/2019 to General Educational Articles
Time to Take The Stage

Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, showbusiness has offered huge cultural significance. Award ceremonies almost always utilize lecterns to help hosts and guest stay on top of things. Moreover, those platforms form a part of the stage design that people have become familiarized with over the decades. 

Break A Leg! 

Any theater or space used for public speaking can look a little strange, especially on TV. However, the idea of using a lectern in entertainment is far from a 20th-century addition. Plays and other pieces often included a lectern of some sort to the side of the stage. This would be for the narrator to read aloud. Before the days of public speaker systems, the ability to address the entire audience at once was crucial. Without it, the whole production would fall flat. 

Steal the Spotlight!

Lecterns are also depicted in several movies set in the fantasy world. From sci-fi thrillers to fantasy adventures, even figures from the world of fiction need those items. Given that humans have persisted with the item for centuries, that element is hardly surprising. 

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